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Future philosophers and scientists

Updated: Apr 16

What does really matter in life? And how did we reach this situation of global helplessness in spite of fantastic scientific achievements? Where did we make huge investments in science and technology?

Whether man-made or a natural mutant, Corona virus poses fundamental challenges to science and the management of science and technology.

Let us rewind a bit and think about the history of science. Most of the great scientists in the past were philosophers. Many were multi-talented. They did not look myopically at micro components of systems with zoom lenses. Instead, they pondered on issues in their context and within a value system using the wisdom of wide-angle lenses.

The highest level of formal scholarship even today is called Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy. But somewhere along the line, that umbilical cord was cut. Science without a value system is rudderless while philosophy without science becomes rhetoric. Time to remember Einstein’s “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” No need to argue about religion or which religion. All religions try to provide a philosophical framework for social living and for the spiritual growth of individuals. Logically the whole world should have been full of atheists. But, as institutions religions have outlived regimes, armies, and other onslaughts and survived and flourished over millennia. We can’t wish that away.

Many scientists would go to war on this. But the dangerous types of research today, be it in nuclear science, annihilative drone weaponry, biological warfare, space research, or genetic modification for commercial gains will speak loudly about where that disconnect has taken us. The motives are domination and/or financial gains and many brilliant scientists have become slaves to these agendas.

So, what needs to change?

To rebuild the new world, great scientists will have to shed the yokes placed on them by:

  • Enticing access to expensive research facilities

  • Huge financial benefits from commercial exploitation of their IPR

  • Detachment of the benefits for people and society from their research considerations.

In history, all progressive changes were spearheaded by great philosophers, scientists, and intellectuals. They provided thought leadership and lifted the common man out of poverty, diseases, and ignorance. Time to do it again. And drive social commercial and religious organizations to re-focus their agendas to support socially responsive science and technology.

So the world after Corona needs enlightened super philosophers, scientists, and intellectuals who will refuse to be enslaved by governments, ideologies, or corporates. They will help people, nature, plants, and animals to find a new balance; a new normal. This will help reverse past damages and create a sustainable earth system - a healthy and pleasant home for generations to come.

I am sure they will not fail us.

After all, everything starts as a thought.

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