• Nellooli Raj

Life after Corona

I asked a few of my friends locked in their houses, “How do you see life after Corona?”

One went ballistic. “Let us get over this first”.

I said, “I am asking about life after Corona.”

“Yes. That depends on whether we will be around.”

I said “No. With or without Corona there is no guarantee that we will be there tomorrow.”

This too will pass and the world will still be there. Most of the people will be there. We will re-discover happiness, work, commerce, entertainment, health, and many other things. So whether some of us will be still around, does not matter to me. The more I thought about this, the more I wanted to think about it.

What lessons are we learning? Being forced to learn? What will and could change? What kind of a world will we re-create?

This blog series starts here.

Obviously post-corona days, life will not be the same. That is sure. Many of us will have to do things differently, do new things, or stop doing certain things. What could some of those be? Let us dream based on what we already know, what we could glean from these and what we will never know.

The changes will take various forms in different countries, states, towns, and villages. No more one global standard to start with.

At the personal level some of our beliefs, relationships, and values will change. Businesses, particularly energy, transport, and retail will change. Technology will assume enormous proportions in overall value addition. Governance and tax structures need to change along with public spending on health care, education, and infrastructure. Nature of work will change. How we deal with our neighbors, corner shops, and basic service providers will change. The role of political leaders and the approach to military and defence could change. How we deal with environmental issues will have to change. The business models and destinies of many countries will change. How we deal with the environment will have to change. Finally, we will need to balance our needs and our ever-growing wants.

Too wild? Yes.

I see a lot of exciting opportunities for a new normal with the happy coexistence of natural resources, plants, animals, and people. The changes are bound to be fundamental and comprehensive. What will be the driving forces? I plan to share my thoughts using the following framework.

The changes will be in two broad areas


This will include changes in behaviors at the personal level and at the inter-personal level – at the family, friends, and neighborhoods, community, city, state, nation, and international levels.


These changes will include trade and commerce, financial markets, agriculture, health services, and retail. Technology platforms and their potential will be harnessed a lot more.

I will be writing on specific aspects

I look forwards to your agreements, critique, and contribution of new ideas. And please hashtag related content using #rebuildindia2020 and #rebuildworld2020.

After all, everything starts as a thought.


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