• Nellooli Raj

My sand castles

We try or are forced to seek, design, and re-invent the meaning and purpose of life as we go along. Some of us wait for them to a dawn on us while others wait for another human being or a supernatural power to deliver them. Often a long wait !

Is there an absolute purpose for life?

I have created purposes based on my motivations, perceptions about the world, and what I value. New information and insights constantly add or take away tiny grains from this sand castle of our purpose. Once in a while a big wave washes a large part of that castle away or all of it. I start again, rebuilding it in a different shape or size. My experiences are constantly changing the shape and size of these sand castles and the acceptable means to build them. Which ones do I go for, which ones do I throw away, and which ones do I hope will go away?

Is it a line of thought to promote doom, gloom, and fatalism? Not at all. It has helped me to create a special awareness.

As I build or of wait for my sand castles, the gentle breeze caressing my neck, softly whispers, ‘you are part of all this’. And I am glad.

As travellers on this planet, we are a flash in its history. Each animal, at the peak of its evolutionary success, would have believed that it was the supreme creation. And it would have believed in its invincibility. Bigger and stronger than all, the dinosaurs should have definitely thought so. The birds would have rejoiced at the unique capability to fly. The mammoths or whales proud of their size.

Are we very different?

Today, we believe that we can control everything in nature. And we act like we are outside the system; not a product or part of it.

Again, am I promoting doom, gloom, and fatalism? No. Absolutely not.

It is an awareness that adds another value to my sand castle of purpose. A reality check and a reassurance to be at peace with myself and with the nature that supports me. A recognition and acceptance of that big continuity of which I am a tiny, yet important part. It strongly reminds me of my absolute and helpless dependence on the inanimate and the living world around - be it oxygen or the billions of benign bacteria in my body. Or the thousands of people in my life as family, friends, foes, or just people.

I feel that gentle breeze caressing and softly reminding me of these wonderful relationships as I build or wait for my sand castles.

The journey becomes meaningful and life makes sense again.

Nellooli all rights reserved

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