• Nellooli Raj

Sorry we can’t change the design!

We did not design the earth with its extremely complex auto-balancing systems. So sorry we can’t change the design.

Massive technological advances make us believe that we can do it; be it the climate system, Flora, Fauna, Water Cycle, Oxygen Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Marine system, Genetics, or Evolution. Armed with Newtonian physics, we also believe that we can repair or replace one piece at a time like we fix a machine.

We can argue about divine creation or evolution. But both accept that earth existed before we came on the scene. These theories argue only about how we got into this house and who designed us. Did we become smarter apes or a god made us? That is irrelevant to this discussion.

Are what we call natural calamities, more accurately called Acts of God – Acts of Nature for the non-believers – actually system corrections? Re sets! If so, given the trends in global warming, environmental degradation, ground water table depletion or marine pollution, shouldn’t we expect more resets? And bigger ones? Like when we don’t know exactly what is wrong with our laptop that has hung, we just re-boot and hope for the best. It will come back in some shape but some programs may get wiped out. When might we hang?

Every intelligent and auto-balancing system works with pre-set thresholds. And sensors to constantly monitor critical parameters and initiate programmed corrective actions. Very simple like a pressure cooker letting off steam when the optimum pressure is reached.

Earth as a super-organized system, made of extremely complex sub systems, must have such feedback loops in place. The hard truth is that we don’t know what they are. At what temperature would the system decide to unfreeze the entire polar ice caps? At what stage would earth re-set the Oxygen cycle? At which point would it unleash typhoons or winds or massive earthquakes of such power to re- set? The problem is that often such re-sets are not gradual but drastic. When would earth show us again that we are just helpless spectators of no significance to the system? Show that the system is bigger than us and can create other forms of life if required, and load new software. When might it do a full re-set?

We have enough indications to anticipate some of these. And bright scientists are doing enormous work to understand these sensors. But there is more powerful political ignorance, short term thinking, and financial greed driving us to discount such views. Add our arrogance to the mix and we can act like we are outside the system. And we can do thing to it as we are out of it.

It is easier to believe that the earth is a dumb system. And that we can re-design or manipulate it the way we want. And that it cannot or will not reboot! Or that we can control even the reboot the way we want!

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